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Experienced in supplying quality food waste disposers and accessories for 22 years, Sinkmaster SA offers a full range of options to meet any requirements and deliver exactly what your kitchen needs.

Along with allowing for an easy, quick way to remove food waste and prevent food odors, garbage disposals have plenty of other benefits. For starters, they reduce the amount of food you toss in the trash. That means you’ll go through trash bags slower, which will save you money and be less harsh on the environment. 

Disposing of your own food waste also helps cut down the amount of trash that gets sent to landfills, reducing the amount of methane produced at them.

Not to mention, a disposal helps to improve drainage and protect your pipes. That’ll help you avoid paying for a plumber to fix any clogs, leaks, or burst pipes.

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Take the worry out of your garbage disposal by selecting a powerful, easy to install waste disposal unit and get more horsepower for your money.

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