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Our Aim
Our Vision

Our Aim

Create sustainable environment-friendly solutions for the disposal of food waste. Is to educate both businesses and households on the understanding of food waste and the management options available through the use food waste disposers. Is to be a leading partner to a nation that is aware and contributes to the global environmental eco-system.

Our Vision

Is to be one of the leading brand expertise in South Africa and Africa within food waste management solutions. To be the key partners in building awareness around food waste management, with the use of our reliable range of food waste disposers and thereby creating eco-friendly kitchen spaces throughout South Africa and Africa.

Meet the Team

Thembani Gwija

Thembani is Managing Director and has vast experience in projects and operations management.

Read more about him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thembani-gwija-bbbb4215/

Unati Gwija

Unati is responsible for marketing and business development and believes in a “can-do” attitude. She has extensive knowledge of the key accounts management sector having successfully managed a diverse range of client accounts locally and internationally over the past 12 years. With a deep passion for the development of business networking, Unati is dedicated to  delivering great value and service.

Support Team

Sinkmaster SA’s customer services team and technicians, sets their work ethic on the following principles: Professionalism, Prompt feedback, and “Client-first”. We strive on providing great services to our clients through listening and providing them with the best product solutions and after care services.

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