Sinkmaster SA (Pty) Ltd is a distributor of domestic and commercial food waste disposers (macerators) all across South Africa and neighbouring African countries. During the past years we have become one of the accepted brand distributors for food waste management within hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other establishments with canteens or want to use disposers for biogas purposes.

Our imported range of Food Waste Disposer’s for domestic and commercial use have motors and processors that are manufactured at high quality certified standards. Each product is specifically designed to create alternative hygienic solutions to other methods of food waste disposal.


Services we offer are;

Installation of household and commercial machines

Servicing and repairs of commercial machines 

Accessory parts for the domestic machines

Magnetic tables for the commercial machines

Loan machines for short- and long-term contracts


With the effort to separate waste from source and reduce the amount of wet waste that goes to the landfills. The use of Food Waste Disposers has never been so important in South Africa and Sinkmaster SA strives to make sure that we play our part in this effort.


BBBEE Level 1  Rated

Sinkmaster SA (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned black business entity

Partnerships and Associations

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We pride our commitment towards creating a better solutions for a safe and clean environment, we have partnerships with industry experts and belong to environment as well as commercial food service associations. Aligning ourselves with key partnerships, we are able to build a strong footprint within the waste management sector as a trusted partner by understanding client needs and serving their challenges.


Food waste disposers fit into the environment, by taking food and food scraps that are put through a food waste disposer. Institutions with waste facilities, capture biosolids that are then turned into fertilizer; methane gas produced during treatment is captured and recycled to power the plant or other facilities. Finally, biosolid fertilizer is beneficially applied to agricultural land that produces food, and the cycle begins again.

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Clients That Use Our Products


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