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As soon as the law comes into force (1st July 2009 for most of South Africa), you are going to need to seperate your Wet Waste from your Dry Waste. This means having seperate bins for the two waste types.

Dry Waste is defined as being:
  • Paper, cardboard, boards, etc.
  • Glass (plate and container)
  • Plastic, including polystyrene etc.
  • Tins, etc.
Wet Waste is basically defined as being:
  • Food waste
A third waste type, Organic Waste (garden refuse) is already required by law to be seperated from other waste and disposed of at specific dump sites.

The purpose for the seperation of waste is primarily to aid the process of recycling Dry Waste. This will have a dual benefit of creating jobs via the proposed Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) and also aliviating the pressure on natural resources.
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