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Sinkmaster Commercial Disposers have one of the lowest levels of required service in the industry giving quality you can depend upon - with fewer service problems.

Sinkmaster understands that more demanding applications require a stronger grind chamber design in addition to a more powerful motor.

Other brands use only one grind chamber for all models and then "bolt on" larger motors for better units.

Their superb grind chamber design means Sinkmaster disposers perform more quickly and efficiently, with less noise, heat and water consumption. Quality you would expect from the standard of the industry ... Sinkmaster.

2 HP 3 HP 5 HP

Model range and possible applications:
1 HP 150 x 3 Meals per day Hospital, 200 seater Fishmonger, Wimpy, etc.
2 HP 250 x 3 Meals per day Hos[ital, 250 / 280 seater Fishmonger, Hotel.
3 HP 250 seater Spur, McRIB, The Butchers Grill, 400 seater Hotel Conference Centre.
5 HP 400 / 450 kg General Waste (including Red Meat Bones),
or 700 / 750 kg Softer Waste (Fruit Juice Plant) per Hour.
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